statues write in piss

Think your enlightened text message deserves more attention than its recipient and your submission to Texts From Last Night? Well, never fear, because now you can text a number that will send your message to a statue in Prague, and two naked men will gyrate around writing your message in the fountain’s faux pee streams.

The Franz Kafka museum in Prague features a statue by David Cerny of two naked men standing and peeing into a small pool shaped like the Czech Republic. Appropriately, the statue is named “Piss,” and is considered one of the creator’s more humorous works.

Whereas that may be all well and good that you could have a statue swirling around its hips at the touch of a button, I think I’ll wait to visit when there’s an audio component reading aloud my
words of wisdom. On the other hand, I can’t think of a better place to ask your special someone to marry you. Hopefully, he or she speaks the archaic tongue of ‘Swirling Penis.’ Know more.