If I could speak killer whale I would congratulate them for viciously devouring 16 Japanese whaling crew members. I have nothing against the Japanese, but since whaling was made illegal by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in 1986, the Japanese have killed over 6,000 whales. If my math serves me, that’s about 215 whales a year, so the fact that only 16 crew members means the Japanese still have the better odds.

Japan’s primary whaling vessel was sailing in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary off the South Eastern Coast of South Africa. That’s a bold move, Japan, considering an international court ruling ordered the country to end its whale hunting in the Antarctic. Greenpeace spokesman James Ben Shahali said, “It seems Japan just doesn’t give a damn about international law.” Well, yes, but karma was also sailing in the same waters as Japan.

The ship had a gas leak and crew members freaked out because the ship was carrying about 1,000 tons of oil. God forbid another oil spill should happen in an ocean. That would’ve been awful. Can you imagine slimy penguins and elephant seals? Elephant seals have enough mucus in their trunk like noses. Anyway, crew members panicked and did not go through proper emergency exit procedures. Sixteen members jumped ship and were ripped to shreds by a school of killer whales within 30 minutes. Maybe Japan will stop whaling now. Know more.