Motorcycle accidents are often horrifying, and they usually don’t end well for the rider. On one rare incident, a motorcycle crash turned into one of the coolest action stunts ever performed. Thankfully, someone was filming the road.

The video is actually from Russia. There are a large number of people who install dash cams in their cars because people stage accidents to collect insurance money. If you can’t prove that you weren’t in the wrong, you take the blame and have to pay up.

It looks like a beautiful afternoon on a highway. Things are moving along swimmingly, but a car in the right lane jolts into the left. A speeding motorcyclist comes into frame (that’s already bad news), following the car that made an irrational driving decision. The motorcyclist collides into the rear of the car, catapults over his handlebars, front-flips, and sticks a perfect landing on the roof of the car. Well, he slipped a little on the landing so I’ll deduct half a point, which makes his score a 9.5. Maybe this guy has some lingering Chernobyl radiation in him, which allows him to do crazy shit like that.

Tell me that is not the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen. Know more.