Where’s one of the most inconvenient places to live in the world? Possibly a cliff in Australia known for the frequent number of people who have chosen to end their lives by sailing off the edge without a parachute. Statistically speaking, the cliff calls one person each WEEK to meet their untimely death. However, thanks to one Aussie, the cliff took 160 LESS victims than it may have. What have you ever done with your life?

Before his unfortunate passing in 2012, Don Ritchie lived across the street from the most notorious spot in Australia to call it quits – a cliff named “The Gap.” Between 1964 and 2012, Don officially saved 160 people from committing suicide at The Gap, although Don’s family says the unofficial number is closer to 400. Every morning, Don would peer out the window for anyone standing uncomfortably close to the edge. Upon seeing someone, he would approach politely, strike up a conversation, and invite him or her to tea.

It’s astonishing what a tiny bit of compassion has the power to do. Makes me wonder if suicide is actually the problem or if it’s not more of a lack of human connection. If tea and smiles can stop people from ending their lives, then what the fuck are we all doing? Know more.