Heros come in all different forms. Some wear caps and do super illegal vigilante stuff. Some are animals drag babies out of fires. Yeah, blah-blah-blah, we know.

A true hero can be found in James Taylor. He did something the state of Michigan hadn’t seen in a long time: A kickass party.

2,000 people flocked to the middle of no-where to say goodbye to James. James didn’t know all of them-word of mouth is just as good as a mass text. He didn’t intend for it to happen like that, but he’s a chill dude. A total bro. He let them stay and have a good time. That involved flamethrowers, 2 DJs, strippers, and go-go dancers. Michigan is getting her groove back!

Some aspects of the party-a few ODds and an assault-were not very ballin’, but James takes responsibility for what happened on his property.

As for the 14 year old party monster wannabes that showed up, James says that one is on the parents.

Glorious footage captures the interview James gave to the local media. In it, he makes all his points, but the cameraman pans to a passed out man.

This gentleman is Ray Hulin, aka a ‘Partieboi’. He, like James, has no regrets. His only issue with the video is that he looks like he “can’t handle” his “shit.” Like a champion, or a sorority girl with something to prove, he kept drinking throughout the night. He’s a pro.

When asked about the video, Ray said, he said to the camera person, “… ‘Bitch, I’m a PartieBoi. I got a bottle of Captain Morgan in my hand. Does it look like I’m passed out?'”, but added he “wasn’t stressin’ it. The sun was beatin’ down out of the trees. It was pretty nice.” Ray and James, everyone. The bros of the century.

Somewhere in the land down under, Corey Delaney-host of a 500 person house party, rocker of fur coats on the local news-is clapping.

It’s a beautiful world when you remember people like James, Ray, and even Corey exist. Know more.