When cutthroat news reporters go after a lead, they’re known to pull out all the stops, using their intuition, senses, wisdom, connections, and know-how to get the story they want. One CNN reporter used a sense not often utilized when she appeared to want a taste of two EMTs offering their assistance to the drunk correspondent.

International news correspondent, Arwa Damon, is under investigation having bit two emergency medical workers stationed outside the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Not surprisingly, the reporter has a reputation for snuggling up with alcohol and embarking on tirades that have been previously characterized as violent.

Later, Damon apologized for her behavior calling it “inexcusable” and “embarrassing,” while blaming it on exhaustion and lack of food. However, members of the League of Happy Drunks (HDL) remain skeptical. “She’s full of lies,” said Becky Smiles, spokesperson for HDL. In 2012, Smiles wrote the bestseller: “Alcohol as a mirror for all your mental problems.” Know more.