Who’s the smartest, furry feline on the planet? Why it’s FDC Willard, of course. FDC is short for Felix Domesticus “Chester,” and he’s one sharp kitty. In 1975, he co-authored a physics article with his intelligent professor daddy, Jack H. Hetherington. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Ok, ok, ok… The cat didn’t write the paper! As the story goes, Hetherington was about to turn in an article for review when a colleague pointed out that although written only by him, Hetherington had used “we” and “our” several times throughout the paper. Instead of going back and correcting the plural mistake, Hetherington decided to add a second author: his silly cat.

Hetherington and his con artist kitty were exposed when a student came asking for the main author. When Hetherington was absent, the student asked to instead speak with Willard… Oops. Know more.