We’ve come a long way since the time that women couldn’t hold jobs alongside men nor participate in consensual, casual sex for pleasure without being burned at the stake… Or have we? At the end of June, the Supreme Court ruled that because a corporation can legally be considered “a person,” it can also choose not to fund the birth control expenses of its employees if it conflicts with the religious beliefs of the corporation’s powers that be.

The ruling, of course, only applied to birth control and did not penalize individuals seeking blood transfusions or vaccines, two medical practices that can also conflict with the beliefs of certain religious groups. It’s great to see that after decades of progress, many religious groups are still gravely concerned with how much sex other people are having.

Further, while many women utilize birth control to practice choice over their pregnancies, many others utilize it to manage painful and dangerous medical issues like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis. I bet those crucifix kiss-asses had no idea that birth control actually contains hormones beneficial in treating several medical conditions. Surprise! It’s not just baby-killing serum wrapped up in a pill.

So, maybe you weren’t interested in sharing the details of your sexual life with your employer. Maybe you were pretty content keeping your sexual romps to yourself and far, far away from company property. Well, too bad! Because now your boss can affect your life for much longer than 9-5pm. Know more.