Netflix is obviously getting desperate. They have now decided what they need to make their monstrous library even better is a bunch of hungover twenty-somethings waking up each morning, rolling over on their bed and saying “fuck it world! I’m not even going outside today!” Yes, that’s right. Netflix is looking to hire someone to perform your weekly hangover ritual: a professional TV binge watcher.

But what do professional TV binge watchers (known in the industry as “bingies”) actually do you ask? Well they plow through as many series as they can and add those annoying-as-fuck labels like “19th Century Cat Romance With Hints of Homoeroticism” to the catalogs.  Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but Netflix actually has living, breathing humans go through and watch TV just to come up with that bullshit. Still, even though you will absolutely, no doubt, die soon after taking the position, I would highly suggest you apply for this position because opportunities like this are too good to pass up. Besides, watching TV is the only thing we’re actually good at. Know more.