Washington State made weed legal back in 2012, but they’re only now opening the marijuana stores up to the public (apparently weed regulations are pretty hard to get in order when you’re always high). And with all that pent up demand–not to mention back up in the supply–experts are predicting that the entire state will sell out of its weed almost immediately. This is because Washingtonians are all fucking pot heads: Imagine smoking that much, man. No really, dude, think about it. Like…that’s a shit ton of weed. And we’re not talking about that new electronic weed crap. We’re talking about the good stuff, the kind of joints that Cameron Diaz and Queen Victoria smoke. So if you’re in Washington, you better hurry up and buy that shit before it all runs out. Otherwise, you’ll be left trying to find it the old-fashioned way–calling up your annoying dealer who always wants to hang out and be friends. You wouldn’t want that now would you? Know more.