If you have a dick, then you’ve drawn a dick. It’s more or less a law of physics. Maybe it’s in your high school biology notebook or maybe you’ve doodled it into the air, but the fact is you’ve drawn a dick. Even if you don’t have a dick, you’ve probably drawn one! Well, it turns out that males have been drawing dicks for a loooooooooong time because scientists have discovered the oldest dick pic engraved on a rock in Greece dating back to the sixth century B.C. That’s approximately 2,600 years ago. A very old dick. Experts believe that the drawings support the theory that the Greeks really liked dude on dude action, which wouldn’t be weird since we already know about the gay cavemen. The pictures are also accompanied by evidence of advanced language skills, which has helped experts understand that all kinds of people were into drawing dicks. You’re not alone! Know more.