Marcus Haney is probably every young music lover’s hero. Well, I sure admire the guy for outsmarting festival security (not that those folk are the sharpest of tools) with technology and confidence. His documentary about his experiences, No Cameras Allowed, shows the average festival lover how to exploit the system and be very, very sneaky. Oh, it also documents his journey from the 2010 Coachella Valley Music Festival through his touring with Mumford and Sons.

Before he displeased his parents by dropping out of college, he was just another spoiled, and talented I might add, child at USC. Like every college guy, Haney was horny for a girl, who just so happened to be going to Coachella in 2010. He made his way to the desert city of Indio, CA and snuck in to the festival on Friday. Haney hid in a Port-o-Potty for hours before jumping the fence. Interestingly enough, a Port-o-Potty uses 90% less water than a conventional toilet; so at least he was hiding in an environmentally, albeit gross, place. If, however, he was in one of the first Port-o-Potties in the row, then, statistically, it would have been the cleanest because people gravitate to the middle bathrooms. I also pray that he took the time to appreciate the toilet paper holder because the US spent $100,000 on a survey to determine that it was more common to put toilet paper in a holder with a flap facing the front, as opposed to a flap in behind the roll of TP.

On Saturday, Haney visited Wal-Mart to accrue materials for a fake press wristband. He got in with ease and photographed bands at hipster Mecca. I’m surprised he didn’t get more shots of girls with flower headbands. Security kicked Haney out on Sunday. Haney’s photos caught the attention of Bonnaroo’s promoter and he was given a free pass. This is where Mumford and Sons noticed Haney, shooting with his vintage camera. The sons of Mumford invited Haney on tour and he ended up shooting the cover for their Grammy winning album, Babel. Marcus Haney, who is 26 now, is currently one of the most sought after music photographers. See, all you have to do is get some photos published in Rolling Stone magazine, and your parents won’t hate you for not getting your degree. Know more.