Let me start off by saying that I think iPhones, Androids, and other tablet devices are amazing. Not amazing in the sense that you thought a friend’s pants looked amazing, but rather that these electronic miracles, which fit in our pockets, are fucking amazing. They allow us access to endless information whenever we so please. But, and this a but larger than J-Lo’s, they are “wasted on the worst generation in the history of time,” says Louis C.K. People take pictures of food, complain about WiFi, and leave comments on Facebook while taking a shits.

A bustling, famous New York restaurant, which has been steadily busy over the past ten years, has lately been receiving poor online reviews that mostly complained about slow service. The restaurant owner was confused by this because he shortened the menu and hired more serving staff. Compelled to figure out the reasoning behind these negative reviews, he began comparing surveillance footage from 2004 to 2014. He quickly found nothing faulty with the restaurant service, but he noticed that the intrusion of cell phones was the culprit.

The first thing he noticed was that the average dining time in 2004 was about an hour, and it lengthened to two hours in 2014. After being seated, customers in 2014 would bother waiters to take and retake group photos, ask for the Wifi password, and not open the menu for at least ten minutes. With the waiters being nagged by people wanting to get new profile pics, they could not attend to other customers as quickly.

In 2004, the diners had the mindset of being seated, ordering food, eating, and then leaving to return home and have disappointing sex. This year, after receiving food, about half the diners took photos of their food for three minutes. I love food, but not enough to photograph it. Spaghetti, steak, and burgers belong in my stomach, not flooding my Instagram. An average of nine out of forty five people sent food back because they complained about it being too cold. If they had eaten the chef’s creations upon its arrival to their tables, it would have been pleasantly hot. The chef was disappointed by this discovery and thought it disgraced his food.

If there is one thing our generation has perfected, it is how to ruin otherwise perfect things with the use of phones. People complain about things that are caused by them. “My food is cold. Why is this taking so long? I’m giving this a bad review because I had an inkling that the waiter was annoyed.” Do all restaurants a favor, people, and simply enjoy the ambiance and experience of going out with real humans. Take the time to appreciate the world. If you want to use your phone, stay inside and don’t ruin the joint for everyone else. Know more.