Ladies, have you ever waited in a ridiculously long bathroom line in a club? Have you ever left one of those lines because it was taking too long? I’m almost positive you have. Once you break the seal, those thirty minute bathroom lines replete with gossip and make-up ruining tears haunt your entire night. When you gotta go, however, you gotta go.

This Toronto clubber decided that she had to take a shit amid some bumping music and vivid grinding. She exited the club for a smoke, which is quite a common activity for club goers, considering that 70% of people admit to smoking more in these settings. Additionally, 69% of smokers attend bars or clubs monthly, so she was well within the statistics to poison her lungs outside the venue.

After taking a few drags, this woman removed a napkin out of her purse, cupped it in her hand, and slyly reached behind and up into her body condom of a dress. Little did she know that a camera was monitoring her every move. A few seconds later, she removed her hand and tossed the napkin and its recently added baggage behind a pillar. I was impressed that she pulled off such a feat. I don’t think I could shit standing up without making some sort of face or leg twitch. What bugs me is that she didn’t even bother to wipe. Come on, party pooper, if you’re going to do the doo, do it right and wipe. Know more.