You know that guy in your biology class who’s just a tad too nice, or that dude in the cubicle next to yours that insists on buying you coffee? They’re going to kill you. It’s just going to happen, man. Because psychologists have found that those really polite, really nice guys are more likely to to engage in destructive behavior when placed in a situation that might lead to embarrassment. You see, they want to make sure that EVERYONE likes them, no matter what. So if a boss, teacher, spouse or any other authority figure ever asked them to do something harmful that you and I know is just plain idiotic, they’d do it without questioning. Just so that they could stay obedient. Creepy huh? It’s even happened before in science experiments testing obedience. Thankfully, the people “killed” weren’t real, but it was the nice guys who called for their deaths to comply with the scientists’ orders. Word of advice: Don’t be that guy. Know more.