The Island of the Dolls (Isla de las Munecas) is a haunting reality for a pediophobe (someone with a fear of dolls). Hundreds of scary, dirty, mutilated dolls hang from trees around the island, which squats in the canals south of Mexico City. If you fear Chucky, like myself, then this place will surely give you the creeps, but it ranks highly on the list of tourist attractions in Mexico.

The creation of this doll-decorated island has a tragic beginning. Let’s be honest, though, did you expect otherwise. As the legend goes, the island’s only resident, Don Julian Santana, discovered a little girl’s body floating in the canal fifty years ago. Her death haunted him.

Later on, when he saw a doll floating in the canal, he reeled it in and hung it from a tree in her honor. One doll, however, wasn’t enough. Santana collected all the dolls and doll appendages he could find until he was satisfied.

If this story is false, there is only one other option for the island’s origins: Don Santana had agalmatophilia, a fetish for dolls and mannequins. His fetish overwhelmed him and he wanted to create an arousing sanctuary for other agalmatophiliacs. With the dolls off limits, the experience would be like a tantric orgasm for visitors. Or maybe, Don was just a lonely guy and wanted some children of his own that didn’t annoy, disobey, or defy. Regardless of its creation, this island attracts visitors from around the globe. Some want to find out if it is haunted, while others enjoy marveling at the sun-damaged dolls inhabited by spiders and other insects. Just goes to show how strange people really are. Know more.