Hold on to your asses, everyone, because Megan Fox is claiming that she’s playing the role of an intelligent, “modern” woman. Fans everywhere were shocked when Fox was cast to play April O’Neil in this year’s release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). The news-reporting hero-in-a-half-shell sidekick has long been known as a cute, clever, and smart character, three qualities Ms. Fox just doesn’t seem to possess in abundance.

Fox is best known for her damsel-in-distress, sex kitten roles. She tends to play characters that pout their lips, ooze sex appeal, wear clothes that leave little to the imagination, and have uninteresting and fairly scarce lines because – let’s face it – no one is actually listening to what she’s saying. Everyone is looking at the goods, which never seem to change in appearance. Even Fox’s hair length and color don’t ever seem to change from one role to another, which makes sense because why mess with visual perfection?

However, despite the outrage of fans, TMNT just might be the Oscar nomination Fox has been waiting for. After all, Fox is claiming that she can successfully play a woman with a brain, and aren’t most nominations given to actors who choose roles that put them miles outside their comfort zone? Many have been given to actors who have played roles in stark contrast to what they’re used to playing and/or to who they are as people. If Fox can pull off April O’Neil, we just might be looking at a star on the rise. Know more.