You may think that the biggest threat to Nazi soldiers during World War II was bullets or nuclear bombs, but you’d be mistaken. It was syphilis. That’s right, when the Nazi soldiers were roaming the streets of Paris, enjoying the pleasures of the Moulin Rouge, it was the good ol’ STD’s that were spreading there that was taking down the soldiers faster than even the whores could. So what was Hitler to do? Order sex dolls for all of his soldiers, of course. The dolls weren’t like normal women, though, they were smaller. In addition, the dolls could be deflated for easy storage in the soldiers’ backpacks…which differs from most normal women as well. Orgasmic AND pragmatic! The Nazis thought of everything! We don’t know if they actually helped the syphilis outbreak, though, but we sure know they weren’t useful in winning the war! Hey, you can’t win them all.  Know more.