We all know that French girls don’t shave during the summer, but did you know that university professors are giving female students extra credit for not shaving their pits? It’s an attempt to get students to change their views on gender stereotypes.

For ten weeks, if female students don’t shave their armpits, Professor Breanne Fahs at Arizona State University says women will experience a level of social stigma that enlightens them on how strong gender stereotypes can be. And before you say sexism, the guys can get extra credit too, they just have to shave all of the hair from their neck down for the same amount of time. Like the women, the male students can experience the difficulties that women go through; here, the extra time spent on maintaining hairlessness. So the next time you’re walking around the scorching and sweaty ASU campus, be sure to check the pits of the girls you talk to. They might be a little furry. Know more.