Let’s play a quick game of “Would you rather?”. Would you rather clean your roommate’s ears or be bitten by your roommate? Both sound pretty disgusting, if you ask me. Considering that the mouth has more germs than the average toilet seat, opting to clean someone’s ears might just be the safer choice. Unfortunately for one woman, her 52-year-old toothless roommie flew into a hulk-like rage when she refused to clean the old crust out of his earholes.

The man broke the door off the hinges, lunged after her, then proceeded to chomp down on her arm in an effort to bite clean through it. When gnawing on her with a mouth full of gums didn’t give him the desired result, he choked her and dumped water on her head. If that wasn’t enough, he threatened to kill her when she called the police. This was all over some ear wax. Who knows where they go from here, but it looks like this friendship is about to bite the dust. Know more.