Remember when you were a kid and your first car you ever drove (which happened to be from a different century) started approximately 5% of the time? You’d pray and do superstitious rituals, hoping that this is going to be the time when I actually get to first period on time. Well imagine if your car was in fact 36-years-old and flying hundreds of thousands of miles away in the distant abyss in space. Still with me here? You have no keys. No ignition. Only a radio that you can use to communicate with it. Serious Apollo 13 level contraptions… only on steroids. Well that was the situation that NASA found itself in recently when they realized that a satellite they had sent out ages ago needed to be redirected onto a new course. Against all odds they were able to actually fire up the boosters, realign its revolution by mere fractions per minute,  and now they say that there are enough functioning parts that the old geezer will actually still be able to perform science. Makes your car troubles seem not that bad, now doesn’t it? Know more.