Wait, wait, wait… Hold the phone.

You mean to tell me that organically grown foods are healthier than the bulky, vibrantly colored genetically engineered stuff? According to a scientific study conducted at Newcastle University in England, organic foods are richer in antioxidants, which combat certain diseases and cancer in the body. Who would’ve thought that making the switch to organic food gives you 20-40% more antioxidants?

That equates to two extra fruit/vegetable portions a day without the calorie increase.

Okay, I’m nearly hooked, but organic fruits and vegetables cost more and aren’t as huge or visibly appealing as the products sold at Costco. I love me some 40lb watermelons. Turns out, surprisingly, that organic foods offer more nutrition per serving, which means you don’t need as much organic food as that pesticide shit. So it’s more cost effective to buy organic? Yes.

The downside to consuming organically grown products is that you don’t get your daily dose of pesticides. I guess it’s a good thing if you aren’t eating foods rich with high levels of cadmium and nitrogen, both of which are harmful to human health. I don’t know how it took 343 tests to figure out this pretty self-explanatory answer. Finally, in addition to being healthier for you, organically grown food is better for the environment. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Know more.