Sean McGovern, 49, and Melissa Morris, 51, were reportedly having a little too much fun when they fell off their Island Hopper into the waters off Broward County, Florida. Like the awesome badasses they were, they treaded water for fourteen hours before two off-duty county detectives who were fishing found them. The detectives claim they were “some lucky people.” Just how lucky, you ask? Let me tell you.

Two human waists floating in water would take up about 1.5 square feet (assuming 37 and 40 inch waists for average woman, man respectively), and Broward County has 113 square miles of water. So assuming our trusty detectives only stay within their beat when they drop hook, line, and sinker, that means they had 596,640 square feet to choose from and a chance of running into them of 1 out of 397,760. That’s about the same odds as two twin sisters giving birth on the same day. Pretty freaking awesome. Know more.