Joe Koblenzer, a 79-year-old Vietnam veteran working at a Cracker Barrel in Florida, was fired for giving a corn muffin to a man who appeared homeless. Call the police! We’ve got a criminal on our hands! There is so much to hate here. First off, a 79-year-old Vietnam vet should not have to work at a Cracker Barrel–maybe a Cheesecake Factory–but Cracker Barrel? Seriously? Is that the best we can treat our elders?

OK, joking aside, Cracker Barrel’s corporate bullshit website lists the following as part of their commitment to diverse communities: “We believe we have an obligation to do right by the communities in which we do business as best we can and operate within our culture of mutual respect.“ Welp, it looks like you’re doing great with that, guys! Management claimed our bad boy Samaritan was a serial offender, giving away food to the homeless a total of FIVE TIMES. Well, that makes sense. We need to help our communities, but not that often. Way to prioritize, Cracker Barrel. Know more.