Have you watched Jaws recently? Thinking of treading water for fourteen hours? We all know that sharks are a threat when leaving the beach and taking a dip, but it turns out there’s a way to outsmart a Great White and Tiger sharks. The solution is unbelievably simple: sharks can’t see certain shapes and colors, and sometimes the colors that they do see have them shitting their pants.

That’s right. You can greatly improve your chances of being ignored by one of these monsters simply by changing into a wetsuit that’s either colored to look like rippling water or striped black and white. The former makes you invisible, and the latter makes you a potential threat. (More than your massive guns do already, of course.) Scientists are working now on developing full lines of wetsuits using this new finding. So the next time you go out on the water, hopefully it will be all your hotties and not any predators that has you saying, “we’re going to need a bigger boat.” Know more.