Finally, the one study to rule them all has been found. Scientists claim that people who enjoy having sex for sex’s sake feel better when they bang people outside of any strict relationship. It can’t be true right? It goes against everything you’ve been led to believe. But it is true. Because science.

The catch is you have to be doing the dirty for the right reasons. If you want to get the benefits of reduced stress and better well being, then you can’t be screwing other chicks or dudes because you want to get back at someone or because you think sex will fix all your problems. No no no–you’re doing it all wrong. You have to bang the milkmaid because both of you want to and because you know that banging the milkmaid is in keeping with Darwin’s dream that you spread your seed whenever you can. So tonight find someone new to get hot, naked and sweaty with. It’s good for your health, partner. Know more.