When you think about that impossible looking, how-the-hell-is-he-doing-that dance move A.K.A. the moonwalk, who do you think of? Obviously it’s Michael Jackson. (If not, please get out from underneath your rock, you hermit. The world is a really amazing place, I swear.) But what if I told you someone else created that iconic dance move, nearly thirty years before the King of Pop did, all the way back in 1955? Well, I’m going to because that’s exactly the case.

A man by the name of Bill Bailey was the first to perform the physics-defying stunt. He didn’t call it the “moonwalk” though (Neil Armstrong hadn’t actually walked on the moon yet), he called it the “Backslide,” and you can watch him doing it on infinite loop here. So we say a well-deserved congratulations to you, Mr. Bailey, for giving old people the best method for embarrassing themselves while dancing at weddings. But to Michael Jackson we say thank you for renaming it. Sorry, Bill, but Moonwalk is so much better than Backslide. Know More.